Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #37 – “Mercado Quatro” is one of the many business sections located in a very old part of Asuncion, Paraguay. It is divided into specific quadrants of like trades and merchants. There is a street where they only sell furniture, there is another that only sells fruits and vegetables, and yet another where one can purchase cloths. This is very different from our American way of shopping where we have our Home Depots or Walmarts to get almost anything we want in one stop. As I walked down one of the streets of like merchants, I began to think of many old cities that were divided into sections. Most commercial cities of Biblical times where built this way. I developed a picture in my mind of Paul sitting among his fellow tradesmen making tents in the section of town where those type of merchants would be found (Acts 18:3). I imagined him sitting there working and preaching the Gospel to everyone with whom he came into contact. It was a refreshing reminder of why I am here in Asuncion.

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