Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #40 – Super Classico! That is what they call the big game here in Paraguay. It’s a long standing rivalry between two of their professional soccer clubs and they just played this past weekend. The game ended in a tie. I had the pleasure of watching the game with one of our brethren who is a big fan and we had a blast. It reminded me of our “big rivalries” in the US. We have our games like: Florida vs. Florida State, OU vs. Texas, Cowboys vs. Redskins, or Red Sox vs. Yankees (yes, I know there are a zillion others). There are rabid fans on either side and quite often, choosing one side or the other rests on various circumstances. Sometimes it is from family influence or legacy, sometimes it depends on what school one attends, or sometimes it is just by choice. Either way, once a side is picked, it is interesting to see how fans will defend their position with such intense vigor. Of course, this also started me thinking that perhaps there is a spiritual application that could be made here. However, it is no game. There is, indeed, a side that must be chosen and quite often, the decision is influenced by different factors. What side will you be standing on when He “separates the sheep from the goats”?

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