Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #42 – Where there is smoke there must be fire. Living in a third world country presents its unique expressions every day. For example, it is not uncommon to encounter someone who always smells like smoke, (not cigarette smoke, but rather, firewood smoke). It can happen on the bus, in the grocery store, at a soccer game, or even during worship. The reason is, many people in Paraguay do not have central heat and air in their homes, nor do they have a stove-top oven in their kitchens. Quite often, their only means of warmth during the winter is to build a fire. Most of the time, they must also do their cooking by building a small fire. Thus, they always smell like smoke. With just one quick whiff, it is possible to discern the lifestyle of another. Our Christian lives should be the same way, in many regards. Just as one can recognize that the smell of smoke is the result of being near fire, do our actions and words reflect the results of living a Christ centered life?

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