Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #45 – I thought some of you might be interested in what a day in the life of a newly relocated missionary must be like, so I wanted to share our experiences.
The first thing on our agenda is language school. We attend Spanish classes for about three hours every morning, Monday through Friday (we will continue doing this for our first year until we can speak the language fluently). If time is available afterward, we like to go to the gym for about 45 minutes, three days a week. Then, we have lunch – usually at home, but on Tuesdays, we go out with the team to a restaurant. Monday and Friday afternoons are my time to close the office, so we work at the building studying, writing reports, catching up on email, or making phone calls. Tuesday afternoons are team meetings. Thursdays are special study meetings. Two or three times a week, we pass out flyers at the local bus stops inviting people to a Bible study. At least once a week, we go visit one of our members in order to build stronger relationships with them. The evening drive home typically involves a stop at the grocery store (because food spoils quicker here, for some reason), the pharmacy, and/or places to pay bills. Dinner is followed by personal Bible study and then we like to relax by playing a game, or watching a little TV. Free Saturdays are usually spent sightseeing, otherwise, we assist with the planned church event. Sunday is worship and Wednesday night is weekly Bible study.
Of course, all this is subject to change – and as anyone in ministry will tell you, it usually does …

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