Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #46 – Stateside visitors have proved to be an interesting gauge for us. How do I mean? Well for one, they show us how far we have come with the language. Listening to them struggle with phrases or questions reminds us of where we were just a short time ago. Because of them, we can now see that we have learned a great deal since first arriving in Paraguay. Second, when I asked one of our visitors how their trip was going, their response was “I am having complete sensory overload!” Hmmm? It never dawned on me that we have now passed that stage. Much of our surroundings have become somewhat “normal” to us. Yes, there are still strange and new sights everyday, but apparently, we must be getting used to it. Finally, watching our visitors lean on us heavily for translation, direction, and clarification demonstrated to us just how independent we have become over the past few months. No longer do we rely so much upon the more seasoned missionaries to help us around town or translate a transaction for us. Yes, it is refreshing for visitors to come, not just because they are a welcome sight from home, but also because it helps us see our work from a completely different perspective.

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