Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #48 – Many times, Andrea has a way of saying things much better than I, so, I wanted to share this with the Fellowship Room in this edition of “Culture Shock Chronicles.”

ANDREA SPRADLIN’S TOP 5 LIST of Things to Know Before Trying to Drive in Paraguay ….. #5 – You only need a blood test to get a drivers license. #4 – Ignore those lines in the middle of the road that seem to indicate there are two lanes. You can go 3 or 4 wide if you so desire. #3 – There is no “right of way.” However, buses (which dominate the landscape of the city) take full advantage of their “right of weight”. #2 – That thing that appears to be a sidewalk can be used to go 3 or 4 wide (see #4), but beware of motorcycles, as that is where they like to ride. ……. and, #1 – Stop signs are merely a suggestion.

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