Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #49 – What’s your motive? One of our visitors from the States recently made this comment, “I already had a great deal of respect for you guys coming down to a foreign country to work as missionaries. But, after visiting here, my respect level for you has increased ten fold!” Not only did we appreciate them making this statement, but it also forced a dose of humility upon us. We don’t consider what we are doing as anything special, but instead, simply a privilege. How fortunate are we (that is, any of us) to be able to teach the Gospel to others? I am afraid many Christians feel it is an “obligation” that they must fulfill rather than it being a privilege. I know I once felt that way. I read the Great Commission and I thought, “I need to get busy if I want to be pleasing to the Lord.” That statement is true, however, my motive was wrong. I was getting busy for myself. I have since come to realize that I have salvation because of God’s love for me ….. AND my fellow man. We need to be busy for OTHERS so that they may also receive the precious gift offered by our Lord. This is where you find your motive, this is why we share the Gospel with others.

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