Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #54 – “Getting sick in Panama.” Yellow Fever shots were acquired before making the trip to the jungle. Many of the team took medicine to prevent contracting Malaria. Mosquito repellent was constantly being applied to prevent getting Dengue. We were careful to avoid drinking the water so as not to get bad digestive bacterias. Yet, despite all these best efforts, most of the team got sick. Not from any of the illnesses that we were prepared for, but instead, from another air-born, highly contagious, flu-like virus. One of our team mates was so sick that he had to go to the doctor while still in Panama. We were thankful the physician was able to help him. Now, doesn’t that exactly describe the situation in which all of humanity finds itself? We are subject to a disease that despite all of our best efforts, we will contract one form of it or another. It is called sin. For example, we may be able to prevent ourselves from being a murder, but then easily slip into covetousness. We may not commit adultery but find ourselves stricken with a lying tongue. It is a disease that effects everyone (Romans 3:23). Aren’t you thankful that we have the “Great Physician” to help us with a cure?

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