Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #7 – Getting to Paraguay proved to be quite an experience! The total flight time is only about 10 hours and the usual travel time ranges from 14 to 24 hours depending on the layovers. We more than doubled that time on our trip with 53 hours due to cancellations, reroutes, and broken airplanes. Being stranded in a foreign country, handicapped by a language barrier, leaves one feeling quite vulnerable, rather disconcerted, and persistently dismayed. Thanks be to the Lord, the airline provided a nice hotel, food, and transportation. I couldn’t help but be reminded that although we may have been marooned, it paled in comparison to what the apostle Paul endured during his missionary journeys (2 Cor 11:22-29).

(I want to extend a huge “Thank You” to Randal for the opportunity to write here, keeping us in prayer before the congregation in Brazil, submitting articles about our work, and for the continual updates).

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