A dad’s influence, personal evangelism, devotionals

• How many are going to make a visit to dad on Father’s Day? I think I read somewhere that the person most influential in a child’s development is the dad, more so than the mother. What do you think of that? Think it’s true?

• Ron Boatwright has some interesting material on personal evangelism, as well as a three-lesson personal study in PDF format. I don’t know Ron, but I assume he’s on the straight and narrow. What I’ve read on his site so far is good. We can always use more help and resources on personal evangelism, doncha think?

• Speaking of personal evangelism, Clayton Pepper was a great evangelist among us. New Zealander Dave Hart posted an article of his recently, “Five Principles of NT Evangelism” in his Notes on Facebook. Many important points to ponder. Brother Clayton knew how to motivate.

• My devotional today is a strong one, on reputation vs. obedience, perhaps more so than normal. Over on GoSpeak, I explain why. Expect reaction. I note on the latter site that I’ve been doing these since 1999, albeit not always daily. Don’t know how Don R. does it, twice a day.

• Once more on fathers: Eli must not have been a good father. “The sons of Eli were wicked men. They did not recognize the Lord’s authority” (1 Samuel 2:12 NET). The man of God sent to speak to him laid the fault at Eli’s feet (vv. 27-36). He apparently just wagged his finger at his sons and nothing more (vv. 22-25). Because one is a religious man does not mean he will be a good father, which involves discipline — making the children behave. Then they will respect the Lord’s authority. So we thank God for those fathers who are not permissive but require obedience of their children.

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