Daily Bible Reading – Mark 8

I. So little for so many (8:1-10). “if you had the faith of a mustard seed…”
II. What in the world do they want! (8:11-13). The kind of sign for which they were looking would not have made any difference. If they were truly interested, as Nicodemus was, they would have paid attention to what the thousands had just seen!
III. The Lord’s patience with His servants (8:14-21). Distraction turns into perception, in this case (Matthew 16). The apostles were distracted with the material, and when one is so distracted, wolves coming in sheep’s clothing devour. The Lord chose to be patient with such men, and I am glad He is patient with me.
IV. When one sees clearly (8:22-26). Why what occurred as it did is unexplained. The fact that the healed man “saw everything clearly” has a great lesson for us. We, too, might be slow in coming around, but when we do, do we see things as they ought to be seen?
V. Who do you say that I am? (8:27-30). The significance of Peter’s confession was that he observed, learned, and concluded that he could go nowhere else. While others may have turned away, Peter and ten of the other eleven stayed.
VI. Choose you this day…(8:31-38). Choices in life have to be made. When it comes to the way man is to walk spiritually, he either does it the Lord’s way in total, or he will find another path. Another path leads to destruction.