Daily Bible Reading – Revelation 18

My deepest apologies to everyone…I completely forgot to post yesterday’s daily Bible reading.  The wife is out of town, & I’m left in charge of 2 rambunctious little boys, so I will beg forgiveness & post 2 days’ worth today.  Here is yesterday’s, & I will post today’s asap.

Ch. 18 – The Fall of the Harlot

Chapter Summary:

  • Verses 1-8 – fall of Babylon
    • An angel with great authority makes the announcement (v. 1)
    • Present tense – “is fallen” – so certain, it is as if it’s already happened (v. 2)
    • Reason for Babylon’s fall (v. 3 – sin, as well as seducing others to sin, especially political & economical sins in this instance)
    • God’s people warned to stay separate, lest they be consumed also (vv. 4-5)
    • The harlot reaps what she has sown (vv. 6-8; cf. Gal. 6:7-8)
  • Verses 9-19 – the world mourns the fall of Babylon
    • The mourners fall into 3 categories (Homer Hailey, Revelation: An Introduction & Commentary, pp. 364):
      • The kings (vv. 9-10)
      • The merchants (vv. 11-17a)
      • The shipmasters & seamen (vv. 17b-19)
  • Verse 20 – God’s people rejoice over the fall of Babylon (rejoice over the defeat of evil & the victory of righteousness)
  • Verses 21-24 – the finality of the fall of Babylon

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