Daily Commute

I hate sitting in traffic. It’s probably the biggest waste of time there is. I hate it so much that I go into work late and stay late, just to avoid the traffic as much as is possible. My commute is about 28 miles, which in good traffic takes 35-40 minutes. In bad traffic… it is anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. To make matters worse, I am alone during that time, which isn’t *always* a bad thing. In the morning, I usually call my folks a few times a week. They seem to like that, and it passes the time. I also check the news on the radio to find out what’s happening in the world about me. Depending on how the day is lining up, I might even start it in the car by touching base with my customers. In the evening, I try to use it to reflect on the day and unwind from the stressful job I have, and that usually works unless I have to, you got it, sit in traffic. If I am particularly sad or bothered by something, I have a few CDs of a capella congregational singing that I keep loaded in the CD player. After a few songs, I can’t help but sing along. It really changes my attitude.

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