Daily Nudge: 1st semester accomplisments — and news

The year soon will reach the midway point. Half over. Where did it go? Tell us what you accomplished this first semester of 2010, be it home, school, church, personal projects.

Later in the day, after a business meeting at 15:30 (that’s three-thirty for you Americans), I’ll share a possible accomplishment.

A major item in our household is the new overseeing church in Somers Avenue, as of Jan. 1, and their surprise announcement last month of picking up for the rest of the year what we lack in completing our loss of support. This lack isn’t small, either. The latter is not actually an accomplishment of ours (the Lord moves powerfully), so it probably doesn’t strictly qualify for the Nudge, but it does represent a significant step toward our goal of finding new partners in the gospel. And there was some progress made in that, for which I’m thankful. Eureka! Right, Richard H.?

As far as news of the saints, I mentioned on the BNc twitter yesterday that Richard and Mary Harp arrived safely (but apparently sans baggage) in Glasgow, Scotland, to work with Jon and Arlene Galloway in the East Kilbride congregation. Mary is sister to Stephanie Vick, wife of Ben, the new preacher at Laura’s congregation in Virginia. I went to church with their mother, Donna (nee Rowe) Palmer, in Arkansas, a very few years ago. Lots of connections there.

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