Daily Nudge and Monday news

The Daily Nudge asks the Fellows what if any unique pratice they have in their congregations that may not be seen in others around them. Unique in the sense of fulfilling the commandments of the Lord, not in the Corinthian sense of digressing from them.

For example, in the SJC church, we sing all of our songs in one batch. We have a 20-minute period dedicated to singing. Usually, seven to eight songs are sung in this period. After that, no more singing is done. That’s to avoid using songs as introductions or preparations for other things. The song is an act of worship in its own right. So we value that by singing each song for its own sake.

I have another item to share on unique practices, about Taubaté, but I’ll leave it for later.

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Oh, I’d mentioned in an earlier post (can’t find it now) about preparing a study on what saved Noah, from 1 Peter 3:20-21. That’s now available.

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