Daily Nudge and news

The Daily Nudge for this cool, rainy Monday: What description of God means most to you? I’ll answer later in the day. I’m sure no one will choose mine, well, except maybe Troy over in Asunción.

Yesterday was a slow day for TFR. Only nine posts. I hope today will heat up a bit. Perhaps I should shake the Fellows awake, reckon?

A surprising number of people has asked if we’re OK here after the Chilean earthquake. I put up a post over on my blog to answer the question. A wee bit of geography there, if you can handle that. After you read the post, you may understand why I said it was a surprising number.

In light of Jim’s questions earlier in the week, I trust the Fellows will not lynch me for mentioning that my support and status page has been updated. That’s all I’ll say on that. Oh, only to add, that we’re grateful for the Eureka IL church’s decision to join in the Brazil effort.

Human behavior is hard to predict. Like the reaction to this phrase on Facebook, which I fully expected to get comments on, but it must have slipped under the radar while most of my friends were assembling in their congregations: “Let grace be found upon my lips, and teethmarks on my tongue.” Or maybe they just didn’t get the last part. Do you?

Time to get this post out there. Later, gator!

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