Daily Nudge and news

Here on March 2 the Nudge nudges: Is there a project (preferably with some spiritual connection) that you’d like to finish during this month?

The BNc twitter noted that the Challenge Youth Conference had a good attendance, last week, I think it was. We’ve asked one of the coordinators for a news story. Stay tuned.

A little item of warning. Last week I announced to the subscribers of my Portuguese devotional list that I would be radically altering or ceasing the thrice-weekly effort I’ve done since the 90s. In December and January I notched it up and wrote every single weekday. No response. In February I wrote absolutely nothing. An experiment, you see. Again, not a single email. For the last year or so, the list has stagnated, actually, slightly declined. So I decided major overhaul was needed, perhaps a funeral. After my announcement I got a handful of testimonials about how people looked forward to the devotionals. But it’s a bit late for that. Changes are underway. I don’t know the final shape they’ll take, but here’s the warning: if you like something out there, better tell the people responsible. Feedback is life. From the FWIW department.

Anybody got some news out there?

Looks like yesterday’s constant rain may move out. Whatever the weather, the Lord reigns.

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