Daily Nudge: angels — and news

Gabriel the angel ... with flowers?

This angel is bringing flowers

What’s your favorite angelic appearance in the Bible? queries the Nudge this fine, cool morning. Fellows, cite one moment when an angel appears to a human, and why that one makes your day. (Visitors, surfers and regulars can Reply to this post.)

Remember, no extra-biblical appearances need apply. You have from Genesis to Revelation as possibilities here.

Interesting how, in the Bible, angels are often associated with fear. Either the appearee is struck with terror, or the angel says, “Fear not …” A far cry from the chummy tales of angels today. As far as the little fat, cutesy cherub of the paintings, we won’t even go there. Have we ever seen a portrayal that does the angels’ biblical description justice? I doubt it.

And reckon Gabriel and Michael mind having humans named after them? Just wondering …

News, anybody? I know some, but I can’t tell it. Yet. When the time comes we’ll pass on the word to you.

So tell me something that can be told. Good, preferably.

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