Daily Nudge: authority connotations — and news

What connotations, positive or negative, does the term “authority” hold for you? The Nudge gets pushy today, eh? When you hear the word, do you feel an oppressive weight? See a finger wagging? A dark facial expression with loud words? Most people do, it seems, especially in this postmodern age of ours. Obviously, the interest here leans toward the religious and spiritual, but you take it where you’d like.

I’ll not be around much today, what with a 2 1/2 hour class this afternoon for an advanced study for Christians (though we expect one or two nonChristians), as we continue our evangelism training. I’m actually going over a study series with them. Afterwards, we’re receiving Christian friends here who’ll spend the night with us. And tomorrow is always a busy day.

So with my absence, I invite the Fellows to take up the slack and post, post, post.

Joy reported on FB tremors during the night strong enough to wake her up. I’ve reported on 150 deaths in Rio, probably more than that by now.

So what’s happening in your neighborhood?

UPDATE: The Missus said she heard last night that the death count in Rio topped 170.

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