Daily Nudge: best friend — and news

Describe your best friend, nudges the Nudge on this nippy Thursday. What qualities do you admire in him or her? What in this person has endeared him to you? Arbitrarily, we are excluding one’s mate. (Exercising dictatorial powers.)

News 1: Vicki will study with a lady tonight, please pray it will help her to know the Lord.

News 2: Rio death count is up to 150, from heaviest rains in 44 years. A record-breaking 28.8 centimeters of rain fell in the city in a 24-hour period. Ten thousand homes are in areas of risk. The poor have built slums on the steep slopes above the city. Mudslides are taking their tool. Schools were closed yesterday, people encouraged to stay at home. I have no word from our family in Christ there.

We are fine here, thanks. Several have asked. Have had lots of rain, but no danger to us.

And your news?

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