Daily Nudge: best job — and news

Great job

Your best job?

What’s the best job you ever had? asks the Nudge today. Of course, we’re interested in knowing why you thought — or think — it the best job.

It must have been the rain during the night, but I slept hard and well, more so than usual. I’m a good sleeper, but last night seemed to be especially good. Raring to go today.

And I should be, with my long to-do list, getting my book finished and in to the printer, getting ready to travel, yet again (sigh), to the U.S. for fund-raising, getting even a bit of work done around here as the church looks for another meeting place and takes care of other details and the inevitable red tape of life.

For all that, yup, I got the best job of all, serving the Lord according to my capacities.

News? News? News? (Did you see that I just asked for news, three times?)

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