Daily Nudge: best talent — and news

What's your best talent?

The Lord gives us all talents, or gifts, to be used in his kingdom. Among your many talents, which is your best? probes the Nudge on this cool Wednesday morning.

There are several lists of gifts, both miraculous and not, in the New Testament, among them, 1 Cor 12, Rom 12, Eph 4, 1 Pet 4. Need we make the common disclaimer that the miraculous has ceased today?

Surely more gifts than those listed in Scripture function in the church for its growth and edification. You may have one we’ve not heard of yet.

This is not one of those dumb talent shows on the telly, by the way. I do hope you’re not an addict of one of those.

On the newsy side, is there an interesting baptism in your congregation? (Aren’t they all?) A beloved saint who has passed? An event that brought a special blessing? An outreach that has opened new areas of work? So much to be shared!

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