Daily Nudge: church revival

Today’s Nudge asks the Fellows for specific ideas on how to revive a church. Congregations go through cycles, and sometimes reach a stagnation point. How to get a community of disciples out of neutral? We’re looking for specific things, not generalities like “they should repent!” Well, yes, they should, but I’m looking for how-to’s and what-to-do’s.

Part of the rut communities get into are the routine of doing the same thing in the same way all the time. I’m not an advocate of change for change’s sake, but there’s something to be said for changing the way things are doing in order to be more effective and meet spiritual needs. Let’s think along those lines as well.

This question goes hand-in-hand, perhaps, with the Nudge day before yesterday about unique things done in congregations. The world has morphed into something so different from 50 years ago, so how are we adapting the eternal message so that we can get people’s attention?

The question presupposes, it would appear, that internal revival is linked to outreach.

Turned out to be a long question, did it not?

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