Daily Nudge — delays to obedience

How long did it take you to become a Christian? The question doesn’t so much ask your age or time in life, young or old, when you became a Christian, but if you delayed to obey the Lord.

This comes to mind since our NT reading today is from Acts 26, which includes King Agrippa’s famous line to Paul, “In such a short time are you persuading me to become a Christian?” (Acts 26:28 NET).

I know a young man who obeyed the very first gospel sermon he heard. He heard it once, and that was all he needed. Today he’s a gospel preacher.

I was different. Growing up in a Christian home, I heard what must have been thousands of sermons and classes, on Sundays and Wednesdays, in gospel meetings and Vacation Bible Schools, before I overcame my timidity and was baptized.

How about you? How long did it take you?

#baptism, #obedience