Daily Nudge: emergencies — and news

Who do you call in an emergency? Obviously, the nature of the emergency may have something to do with the one you call, but you take it from there: you know the types of emergencies you tend to have.

The Lord has blessed us with a car mechanic who has given us his personal numbers to call whenever we have a bad hair day with our vehicle. And when our computers hiccup, we call  him, too, since he’s learned how to mount, fix, load and otherwise tinker with PCs. (Fortunately, no Mac glitches until now — nature of the beast.) He’s been very kind to us in many ways. That said, with the good little car we have now, he’s glad to see less of us that in earlier years, and we, him.

But it’s always good to know more of what’s happening among the churches. News?

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