Daily Nudge: family life — and news

The big Nudge question today is, “What is, in your view and from your experience, the secret of a good family life?” And secret it must be, considering so many families don’t have a healthy relationship.

More rain in the forecast today, so I’m gonna wear my galoshes and carry my umbrella. I’ve asked Noah for the plans to the ark and am checking on the prices for gopher wood. I don’t mind the rain. It keeps the heat bearable. But doesn’t do much for our meetings. Some people ride buses, must walk long distances, have muddy areas to go through. Try doing that with a small kid. Others of us have conveniences of which the ancients never dreamed. Zip here, zip there, keep your feet dry, your hair in place.

Oh, news: our good brother George Bailey will have surgery Tuesday to replace his aortic valve. The family asks for prayers.

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