Daily Nudge: flying

Have you ever flown before in an airplane? Do it often? Like it? Any memorable experiences of flying, or not?

The question comes to mind since The Missus and The Maiden are flying out this afternoon to go south to speak, the two of them, at a women’s retreat. (I’ll have to scrape by, somehow.)

I was pulling a late nighter last night, since the ladies were up packing and planning last minute stuff. So I’m moving a bit later this morning as a result. Actually, the last few days, I’ve been basically at their beck and call, with the trip and with Missus doing intensive studies with a lady who, last night, after another Bible study, decided to be baptized Monday afternoon, if we can get my two back in time.

I’ve been on more planes than I care to count, but will tell a story or two later in the day, after I see my ladies off.

#air-flight, #travel