Daily Nudge: If — and news

Complete the sentence

If Jesus is Lord, then ...

The Daily Nudge comes in a different form today, a schoolish form, for the Fellows to complete a sentence: “If Jesus is Lord, then …” Plenty of room for the mind to work and the eyes to search the word of God.

Yesterday the Nudge asked about home appliances. I wanted to finish out the day mentioned that these are supposedly time-saving devices. But with the washers, dryers, microwaves, dishwashers, can openers, slow cookers and crock pots, refrigerators and other various and sundry gadgets — oh, Laura reminds me of the coffee makers — have we gotten any real advantage from all of these? Throw in the computers and printers and scanners to boot. Makes me wonder. Not that I’d like to go back a couple of hundred years. Not at all.

One could make the argument that the most indispensable home appliance is the altar. That’s what people used to call family worship. No physical altar, but the concept of family worship to God as a sacrificial offering. The term wasn’t perhaps so well employed, but fathers actually gathered their children to hear the word of God read, to pray together, to be instructed in the ways of the Lord. Seems so quaint, almost more so than the word “altar” itself. That appliance has gone the way of Pong.

Glenda is speed-reading her New Testament, some of the rest of us are slow-reading it. At whatever speed and whatever the plan, just read and absorb. And obey. I really appreciate Ron posting the daily Bible reading comments. Please give those attention. They are carefully prepared.

I’m bereft of news. Have you any? ask I, in the tone of one lady of the house asking for a cup of sugar over the wall to another.

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