Daily Nudge: Jesus’ betrayal and trial — and news

What strikes you — give one detail — about Jesus’ betrayal and trial? Is there something in the wicked process that impresses you most? A word, a movement, a process? Or even something that’s not there that should be? Choose a moment, a slice of time, in that quick succession of events and share with us why (I’m always interested in the why) it catches your attention.

Our Bible reading today is John 18, so this part of Jesus’ life is forefront at the moment.

BNc published an obituary yesterday for Coleman Crocker. I took the class Personal Evangelism under him at FHU. I was friends with his daughter, Beth, who was a student there about the same time. We’re sorry to hear of his death and pray for the family’s comfort.

Share your news of saints, churches, service in the wide kingdom of God.

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