Daily Nudge: lambness, and news

From a recent daily reading in Luke 9, comes the Nudge for today: how do you express your lambness among wolves? We’ll not define or detail it further so as to avoid restricting the direction the Fellows might take.

Also from this morning’s reading — which we’ll see any moment now from Ron — is a meditation of mine on the feeding of the 5000, a point I had missed and just now saw. You probably noted it a long time ago, but I can be slow at times to pick up on things.

So far we’re all things Lucan here. Which reminds me to mention to Daniel, who’s thinking more of Romans right now, in his auditing of a class at Bear Valley, than Luke: I think I’m finding a chiasmus with the feeding of the 5000 as the center in Luke 9. Help me dig it out.

News, anyone?

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