Daily Nudge: Mondays — and news

Monday mornings

How do you face Mondays?

Your Daily Nudge: How do you face Mondays? Many people dread picking up the weekly work routine. Just this past week an Internet friend said something to the effect of Monday being merely a way to get to the weekend. So what do you think of Mondays? How do you approach this second day of the week that starts your school or work schedule? Maybe it’s related to the way we look at work, reckon?

My only news: I preached yesterday morning while almost the whole time a small child screamed. Not cried, but screamed. The mother took him out after a while but where we meet, there’s not much place to go. I felt sorry for the tyke. And for the listeners.

My sermon? “Acts 2:38, Revisted.”

What’s your news? Surely something has happened in your congregation or area churches.

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