Daily Nudge: obedience — and news

Share one verse about obedience with us, urges the Daily Nudge. There are so many, and the church rightly teaches obedience for salvation, so this is a weighty subject both in Scripture and among us.

Most of us, anyway. The Tulsa workshop is going on this week, and should probably be known as the Tulsa church-bashing workshop. The event was supposed to be about soul-winning, but turned into a celebration of ecumenism in the name of unity and libertinism under the guise of grace. Obedience doesn’t figure into their language.

Like the religious world at large, many of our brethren now consider obedience a legalistic trap.

But Jesus’ word still counts that “[obeying] his commandment is eternal life” (John 12:50). That’s my verse to share today in obedience to the Daily Nudge. (If there’s time today, I’ll do more on it.)

What’s yours? Along with some news …

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