Daily Nudge: off to camp — and news

Time for camp! Do you teach, direct, otherwise participate in some sort of camp, be it for youth, family, or hardened criminals? Tell us all about it. Maybe it’s one closest to you, or another you travel to be a part of. Inquiring minds want to know.

The nearest camp to us is the Mt of Olives Christian Camp, established in 1971, which sponsors youth camps in January and July, as well as the Carnaval period, which usually falls in February. Then it hosts the National Encounter of Christian Workers for men, and of late, has been the site of the women’s annual conference. I’m a board member, was for several years one of the hands-on directors, have been a director of one of the youth weeks (once was enough), have taught several times. We’ve sent our kids there at every opportunity since we moved to Sao Paulo state back in 1995.

If you pony up with news about a camp, we’ll let that stand for church news, unless you have something juicy to tell. Juicy as in recent, positive, spiritual, and encouraging.

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