Daily Nudge: plans for July 4 — and news

Hello, friends, this brisk, chilly morning, where the fog lays silent up on the land! (It’s a nippy 52º right now.) All is quiet, but give it an hour and the commuters will rev up their engines.

American Independence Day is Sunday, so what are your plans? Travel, family, fireworks, meals, cookouts, Pledge of Allegiance? What are you in the USA going to do, not only Sunday, but over the weekend? Anything special in your congregation?

Here in Brazil, Sunday will be a regular day for us (for a First Day), since the holiday is specifically for the USA. But today is special: Brazil plays the Netherlands in the World Cup. So we’ll be with friends, have a special lunch since both husband and wife are on vacation this month. Maybe I’ll get in a couple or three hours work before and after, if I’m lucky.

Check the BNc website for some interesting European news. But what news have you locally of the churches?

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