Daily Nudge: prophet — and news

Aleijadinho's Jeremiah the Prophet

Which prophet?

Which of the prophets is your favorite? nudges the Nudge of the day, if one may call a prophet a favorite. And why that one, of your choice?

The photo at right comes from a sculpture by Brazil’s “Little Cripple.” Amazing work, his. You’ll have to guess which of the prophets it is.

Today’s question was prompted by a short exchange between Ron and me on Facebook. Thanks, Ron.

A hard blowing rain yesterday afternoon left branches and leaves in the streets. The electricity was cut off, and many traffic lights were out. Not a pretty picture in a city of 700k.

I’m waiting on more input on the question about “What God Has Done for Man.” Mike R. answered right off, and Stephen gave a full discourse, very nice. Nobody else to add a line? These two haven’t said the last word, they’ll admit that.

Barbara Ann arrived safely in Costa Rica, will have her apartment Thursday, begins teaching Let’s Start Talking material today. She and Michal Swain will be there for a while, Barbara for four months. They’re both a bit under the weather. Please pray for them.

That’s my news, what’s yours?

Oh, a last little item, from Quick Bible Truths, one of two tweets from prophets sent out yesterday, by coincidence of our Nudge today:

Sometimes it comes down to this. “Stop prophesying in the name of the Lord or we will kill you!” Je 11.21 NET

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