Daily Nudge: proverb — and news

a modern proverb

Which proverb?

Cite your favorite proverb from Scripture and explain why it’s nearest and dearest to your heart, goes this Daily Nudge. This week, we’re doing several favorites, again, but no repetitions from past days.

A proverb, says Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary, is “a short, pithy statement about human nature and life.” It packs a lot of wisdom in a small space. I like pithy. As such, this literary device is “designed to make God’s truth accessible to all people, so they might direct their lives in accordance with His will.” Another means, then, of divine revelation, so we dull and simple folk might get it. Isn’t it wonderful that the Lord doesn’t write for scholars?

Obviously, anything from the compilation we call the Book of Proverbs qualifies. But other proverbs are scattered throughout Scripture, so you’ll lose no points if you cite one from elsewhere than the 31 chapters of the book of wisdom by Solomon and other pithy writers.

With the modern’s short attention span and social networks like Twitter, one would think that the proverb would be a wonderful device for communicating truth today.

Am I late today? I stayed up working on an article on my neglected blog, about three rules for approaching the Bible, using Acts 1, which should go up later this morning. Being my day off, I slept in this morning and was able to snooze until 8 a.m., which I’ve not done in ages and ages. But enough of my personal habits.

I’ve not answered the Nudge in several days, so here goes my choice of proverb. It’s a word of Jesus’, in Matt. 11:17 and Luke 7:32. I quote from Luke, in the NET Bible:

They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling out to one another,
‘We played the flute for you, yet you did not dance;
we wailed in mourning, yet you did not weep.’

I like it because it reminds us of human inconsistency in people who, like the Jews of that generation (v. 31), unhappy with anything that didn’t fit their preconceived ideas, discount wisdom whenever it appears in any of her children (v. 35), be it John the Baptist or Jesus himself (v. 33-34) or a saint today.

Who’s got news today?

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