Daily Nudge: quakes and volcanoes — and news

Signs of the end?

Every day, it seems, after Haiti and Chile, there’s more news about earthquakes around the world, in China, Utah, coming to a fault near you. There’s talk about what all these quakes, and now volcano eruptions, mean. So what about these tremors and belchings of the planet? Do they portend some future disaster? Are they reactions to man’s predations? Divine warnings? Signs of the end?

And what to do? Just watch it all happen? If we should help, what should we do? Any prevention measures for when it’s our turn? Should we all move to Brazil, the land of no quakes, volcanoes, hurricanes or tornadoes? Your perspective is what we want to hear today, and if you have a verse of Scripture with it, all the better.

A good tremor around these parts: my new book is at the printer and we’ve launched a prepub offer to those who want to guarantee their copy. News is here.

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