Daily Nudge: rest; and news

From the low response rate, yesterday’s Nudge appears to have been vague or unclear or something; the author of the question tells me he takes full responsibility for it, so we’ll not blame the Fellows’s low IQ; we know them better than that.

So here’s another, improved question for today on this hazy morning, but, we hope, not a hazy Nudge: Jesus rested; what do you do to rest? What activities do you engage in? What times and seasons, days and hours, are rest periods for you?

Jesus even pulled away his disciples to rest, such as after they returned from their limited missionary trip. NLT says he “slipped quietly away with them.” Or, they “withdrew privately” (NET). That’s in Luke 9:10, by the way, from our daily Bible reading. (Are you with us on that?)

Makes sense, doesn’t it? An intense period of work, then rest. Do you do that? Or are you more spiritual than Jesus?

News, anyone? The Reply tag in the upper right is getting lonely.

Excuse me, it’s my day off, think I’ll go lay in the hammock in the back yard …

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