Daily Nudge: sleeping dreams — and news

What do you dream about at night?

What do you dream about during your sleep? Do you remember your dreams? Do they tend more toward nightmares or happy scenes? Do you find any significance in them?

Dreams seemed to be a topic yesterday. After the morning meeting in SJCampos, a sister in Christ said she dreamed about several of us from church. Told about a neighbor who had a sure-fire interpretation of dreams. Then, coming back from the meeting last night at Taubate, and after a pizza (two, actually, with four combinations) with a young couple from there, my daughter was playing songs by Bread, and there was some lyric about dreams for those who sleep. And, last night I actually had a dream that I remembered (later on that). So today’s Nudge just had to be about dreams, you see?

What news have ye, my friends, of the churches or saints?

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