Daily Nudge: social media — and news

Social media sites, which allow for intense interaction between people, are all the rage. Young people check their Facebook accounts before reading email.

Of all countries, Brazilians are most likely to be involved in social media sites, 86% of the Internet users in the country do it, as I recall. (Their favorite is Orkut.)

So what part of the social media world do you dabble in? Facebook. Twitter. SaintsMeet.com. There’s a lot of them out there. And I know where some of you are, but not all. So ‘fess up. And tell us why you’re there as well.

As per yesterday’s BNc tweet (social media! squirrel!), Nick and Amy Fowler arrived yesterday in Belem, Brazil, joining their recently arrived teammates for a new work in this untouched (by churches of Christ) city. They’re sponsored, as I recall, by the Mount Juliet, Tenn., church, where my daughter-in-law Tansy was reared. My wife Vicki has exchanged emails with Amy’s mother off and on since last year when we were at Mount Juliet for Joel and Tansy’s wedding.

What other news of the churches is out there waiting to be shared?

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