Daily Nudge: something unique — and news

Name something unique in your life and why it is so. Yesterday’s Nudge didn’t nudge many; perhaps today’s will.

Today’s Nudge came to me as I was consulting the thesaurus on my MacBook while writing a letter requesting support. Yes, I use a thesaurus often. I want just the right word. Or to avoid redundancy. (The Portuguese language, especially, abhors such repetition of terms.)

Unique means “one of a kind.” So nothing is quite unique or very unique. It’s either unique or it isn’t. Our temptations, for example, aren’t unique; we all go through the same type of temptations, though the particular circumstances may be (1 Cor 13: 10). Jesus is unique (John 3:16). Some versions translate the Greek word monogenes as “one and only.” You get the idea, then, of the meaning of unique.

So find something unique in your life today. Good or bad, physical or spiritual, old or new. Make its special nature shine for us in your reply.

In the secular news, I find the intense attention to the BP petroleum platform disaster fascinating, considering the sparse reporting on the huge disaster in Nashville. I wonder if, among the various explanations, it’s gotten little exposure because Nashville is one of the most religious places in the world and churches have made massive efforts at disaster relief. Just a thought.

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