Daily Nudge: spot — and news

Where is the place you go to be alone with God? is the Daily Nudge on this overcast Wednesday morning.  Is there a spot you retreat to, a corner of the world where you meet him? If so, what makes that place a good one for your regular encounters with the Lord?

Another late one for me last night, but for good reasons. The body is slow to surface from the morning grogginess. I usually hit the floor with eyes wide open, but the eyelids are still heavy from a sound sleep. I give thanks for falling asleep quickly and snoozing soundly. That’s a great blessing.

Sorry for the personal bit. Seems we all like to talk about our sleep and eating habits. I’m no exception in that.

So, can we can some real news here? What have you today?

In São Paulo, an elderly brother, Abramo Lucarelli, is in the hospital in serious condition with pneumonia. He has been a mainstay in the work in the capital for many years, having served as a bishop in two congregations there. A good man through and through.

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