Daily Nudge: start over — and news

“If you were to start your life in Christ over again, what would you do differently?” queries the Nudge this cool morning with light rain. Some Fellows may not like this “if” question; it does call for reflection.

Last night I worked late, very late, on the twitter account for Quick Bible Truths. Of all my twitter efforts, this one is coming along nicely, more so than others. And worth your following, even if I do say so myself. And I do say so.

Did you know the Center for Disease Control has an obesity map? (And since when did “and Prevention” get added to its title?) There’s politics behind the issue, but that doesn’t take away the truth that people are fatter today. It’s a lifestyle issue. And one Christians need to consider. That’s my news for today, although it’s not specific to us, which is what interests me most.

So where’s your news of Christians, churches, ministries, countries?

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