Daily Nudge: stirring sermon — and news


Your most stirring sermon?

Rain is in the forecast for this comfortable Wednesday morning which, for now brings us a bright sky. I started to say “beautiful” in place of “bright,” but the sky is always beautiful to me, regardless of the weather.

Today’s Daily Nudge: What’s the most stirring sermon you’ve ever heard? By “stirring” I don’t mean merely emotionally moving, but one that stirred you to action or repentance, or that gave you insight or understanding into the the ways of God. Oh, and sermon you’ve heard, not preached.

I don’t know if Ron returns home today or tomorrow from the ETSPM lectureship, but we’ll look forward to Daniel posting his daily Bible reading commentary. I do hope you’re following the readings and the commentaries. I find them greatly edifying. Ron puts real effort into writing and communicating the content of the readings, and it shows, to our great benefit. Thanks, Ron.

Today Jim Bill McInteer’s funeral is to be held, apparently. Our prayers go up for the family and friends. May God give us more like him, for the Kingdom and the progress of the gospel.

What news have you, friends and readers all?

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