Daily Nudge: style — and news

The local newspaper’s tweet announced yesterday morning that there were five kilometers of slow or stopped traffic on the interstate. I went to read the article online and noticed in the side column, among several article links, one which asked, “What’s your style?” (My idiomatic translation.) I didn’t click to read that article, since it was probably about clothes, and I already have my style of dressing, which lies in the classification category somewhere along the lines of utilitarian, comfortable, informal and loose. (I think the original Edenic concept was the best; might I hope that the heavenly garden may return to that?)

Anyway, to get to the Nudge, that article link seemed to be a great question for our daily prompt. So here it is (drumroll):

What’s your style?

The question is broad and vague, and intentionally so, to allow the maximum latitude in interpretation, which, in our case of the Nudge, tends to make for more interesting posts.

Also, let us not forgo the most ignored request on TFR: News have ye?