Daily Nudge: your persecution

Maybe we’re asking for a bunch of no-replies today, we’ll see. Have you ever been persecuted, or otherwise made fun of, because of your faith? Tell us about it, what happened, the situation, what you were doing.

Persecution is the norm in some places, happens on and off in others, but in some places, hardly at all.

Jesus said it would happen, Paul, too, not necessarily from governments, but from family. Then, let’s not forget persecution from religious people. Yes, it happened then, too. At the beginning of the Way, the Jews persecuted Christians.

The subject is on my mind, since we read Acts 7 yesterday, and are to read Acts 8 today.

I do not pray that God will spare you. I pray he will give you strength and courage to continue doing his will and evangelizing in the midst of it.

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