David Z. Bass missing

This email was forwarded by Jamie Sutter, about a missing young man from a Christian family.

Prayer Request: David Z. Bass left for Arkansas to work last Saturday morning about 7:30. He called us about 11 a.m. from Miss., and said that all was well. He did not arrive at his destination and we have not been able to reach him. We have a filed a missing persons report and and an interstate BOLO has been issued. Below is a picture of his burgundy 1991 Chevy S-10. His tag is Alabama 58 A5S17 If you have any information please contact us (205) 901-4703., David Bass

David Z, 18 is one of David and Kathy Bass’s 10 children. David serves as elder and preaches for the Lay Lake church of Christ in Columbiana, TN.

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