David’s advice

Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

Come children. Listen to me. I will teach you what it means to fear the Lord. Psalm 34.11

David had an intimate relationship with God. He was said to be a man after God’s own heart, Acts 13.22. Though he was not without sin, David had a heart that would listen when he was confronted and he would repent. David wrote Psalm 34. He could certainly teach others what it means to fear the Lord.

David’s advice was to not use evil words or deceptive speech. He would tell you to turn away from evil and take the right action. He would want you to strive for peace promoting it instead of violence. David’s life was one that was full of war and fighting to the point that when he wanted to build God a house on earth, he was not allowed to do so. However, he gathered the materials that would be needed so that his son, Solomon could accomplish the task.

He would tell you to cry out to God when in trouble assuring that God hears the godly. God is with the broken-hearted and the discouraged. David wrote that the godly face many dangers, Psalm 34.19. God saves them from each one.

David gave his heart to God. You must do the same. As long as you try to live by your own strength, you will be met with failure and overrun by the evil that exists. Follow David’s example and give not only your heart, but your life to God.

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