Dead or alive – JAM

This is Just-a-minute with Ed Boggess. The Social Security Administration says that Mattie Lee Zeller of Rosenburg, Texas is dead. Mattie, however, strongly disagrees. The mid-70’s nurse is alive and well and fighting to keep her Social Security checks coming. The problem arose because of a false hospital report following an accident. Zeller was removed from the Social Security roll and sent a letter demanding $2200 be returned. Zeller says she went to the Social Security office in Houston and asked one of the workers, “Do I look dead?” The official admitted, “No, you look very much alive.” Nevertheless, there is still a knot of red tape to unravel before the checks resume. There is a lesson in this. The Social Security Administration was completely honest and operating in good conscience when they struck Mattie from the roll. They were sincere, but they were also wrong. Sincerity is a wonderful thing but it is no substitute for truth.

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