Deaver-Vick Debate

This October 24-27, 2011 Mac Deaver and Ben Vick will conduct a four night public debate at the building of the Shelbyville Road church of Christ in Indianapolis. Propositions for discussion are as follows:

“The Scriptures teach that Holy Spirit baptism has ceased and is no longer in the church today.”

Affirms: Ben F. Vick, Jr.
Denies: Mac Deaver

“The Scriptures teach that when a person becomes a Christian he is baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit.”

Affirms: Mac Deaver
Denies: Ben F. Vick, Jr.

Much could be said here, but I will rather let the debate do the talking. This is an issue which seems to raise certain brethren’s blood pressure in a hurry, yet we ought to be able to calmly, unprejudicially, objectively weigh what the New Testament teaches and let it be the final say. If not, what separates us from the denominations?